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A personalized alkalizing diet plan combined with an intensive program of professional slimming and toning treatments, including seaweed wraps and hydrotherapy, are carried out under attentive medical supervision and result in impressive weight loss and general health improvement.

What does ALKALIZING mean? 
Alkalizing means literally to make your pH alkaline/basic. Our blood has a slightly alkaline pH – 7,35/7,45 and needs to keep it into this range.

Why this Diet?   

According to researchers, water retention and excess weight are often due to excess acid in our body tissues, and an alkalizing nutrition can help solve these problems. In fact, eating a healthy, plant-based diet to get those alkalinizing minerals like magnesium, potassium, and calcium can only deliver us a leaner body and better health. The weight loss consequent to this kind of diet is impressive and long lasting.

Carried out under medical supervision, this program features tailor-made treatments, fitness and hydrotherapy, combined to accelerate metabolism, detox the body from excess fluid, reduce volume, combat cellulite and strengthen the immune system. Incredibly fast results, daily medical tutoring and the continuous support of our team of therapists keep guests motivated and enthusiastic during the entire stay.


Alkalizing PH programme short stay - 3 nights

Alkalizing PH programme 7 nights