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Bio Spa 0 Km

Zero Km AperiSpa

To extend the weekend and recuperate ahead of a new week.

Thermal pool bath, aperitif with local specialities and a soft drink.

€ 16,00

Thermal pool bath, Bioaquam Circuit, aperitif with local specialities and a soft drink.

€ 36,00

Thermal pool bath, Etruscan Circuit, aperitif with local specialities and a soft drink.

€ 36,00

Invigorating thermal bath with oligoelements

Hot tub with thermal water with added spirulina algae and synergies of essential oils accompanied by an invigorating thermal oligoelement facial mask.

15 minutes

€ 42,00

Thermal nutrient body treatment with chestnut flour

Chestnut flour and thermal water skin scrub followed by an olive oil massage.
Moisturising and smoothing, it leaves the skin with an extraordinary feeling of delicacy and silkiness thanks to the presence of fibres, mineral salts, potassium and B-group vitamins which provide a regenerating and soothing effect.

50 minutes

€ 66,00

Red grape antioxidant mask

A special anti-ageing mask rich in polyphenols, resveratrol, flavonoids and vitamin E thanks to the the presence of red grapes. It leaves the skin elastic, moisturised and visibly rejuvenated.

25 minutes

€ 41,00

Relaxing treatment with thermal mud and chestnut honey

Facial and body treatment with thermal mud and chestnut honey, rich in minerals such as zinc, magnesium, potassium, B and C group vitamins,and essential amino acids and enzymes. Combined with the action of the thermal mud, it purifies, revitalises and nourishes the skin of the face and body.

50 minutes

€ 66,00

Regeneration programme with red clays

Specific treatment for the legs. A combination of the Kneipp programme with a red clay pack, rich in minerals and oligoelements like iron, leaves the legs feeling lighter and well toned.

50 minutes

€ 53,00

Pomegranate body massage

Relaxing body massage rich in antioxidant oils. It makes the skin more elastic and has a nourishing, regenerating and toning effect.

50 minutes

€ 66,00

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