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Body treatments

Aesthetic body treatments 

Fruit acid body peel

Exclusive peel (mechanical and chemical), excellent for stimulating new collagen and preparing the skin for other treatments

Duration: 50 minutes

Euro 110,00

Moisturizing body treatment with thermal trace elements

Exclusive moisturizing treatment using thermal trace elements (magnesium, fluorine and calcium) combined with a relaxing massage.

Duration: 50 minutes

Euro 105,00

Enriched mature mud treatment

AAnti-cellulite, toning or draining personalized treatment.

Duration: 50 minutes

Euro 95,00

Draining treatment with kelp leaves

Exclusive draining and slimming treatment. Carried out with a wrap of rehydrating algae which contain all the active ingredients from the sea, such as trace minerals, amino acids and vitamins.

Duration: 80 minutes

Euro 150,00

Slimming cast with Fleur Thermal

Exclusive treatment using Fleur Thermal which has slimming properties and which is excellent for easing muscle tension, breaking down fatty tissue and eliminating excess toxins.

Duration: 80 minutes

Euro 175,00


This massage is carried out through compressive microvibrations wich allows the treated area to be re-shaped.

Duration: 50 minutes

Euro 105,00

ETERIA exclusive line

ETERIA Anti-aging smoothing body treatment 

Exclusive anti-ageing treatment that, thanks amino acids, coenzyme Q10, collagen and elastin, provides the skin with elasticity and freshness.

Duration 50 minutes

Euro 135,00