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Cetona is a characteristic medieval town, located on the eastern side of the Cetona Mountain, just 16 kilometres far from Fonteverde (20 minutes, by car). From the town centre, many streets create a maze, ending up to the towering fortress. With its stone-built houses, the town stands out against the vivid green of the mountain. The first human settlements in the area were built thousands of years ago, particularly in the Belverde area, where a series of prehistoric caves witness the presence of human inhabitants, in a period sweeping from the middle of the Palaeolithic era to the Bronze Age. The entire area, known as the "Archaeologic-Naturalistic Park of Mount Cetona", is a famous place of interest. In the "Civic Museum of Prehistory", which is situated in the centre of the old town, it's possible to see many of the archaeological findings, collected into the excavation sites. Cetona has a vast artistic heritage, with many outstanding buildings and churches, which contain important works of art attributed to famous artitsts such as Pinturicchio.

Watching the countryside that surrounds "the mountain", as Monte Cetona is usually called, you can sense the awe that only wild nature can give you. It is no coincidence that Cetona has become the chosen home of many artists and leading figures in the world of culture.