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Only 25 kilometres far from San Casciano, Chiusi is located on the top of a hill and is strategically overlooking the Val di Chiana and the roads connecting Umbria and Arezzo. It can be reached in 31 minutes by car. The town preserves Etruscan and Roman remains: in fact, it's a worldwide known archaeological centre. The excavation work began in the 18th century and is still being carried out, with tombs brought to light. A wide number of historical pieces are now spread in various collections around the world, but the National Archaeological Museum of Chiusi still remains a reference point for archaeologists. During your stay in Fonteverde, it is possible to ask for a guide that will lead you through the various sites of the area, such as the “Monkey's Tomb” (Vth century BC) and the Catacombs of Santa Mustiola and Santa Caterina (Roman Period). A vast maze of Etruscan tunnels stretch underneath the town, allowing an unusual and fascinating tour through the secrets of Chiusi. The "Porsenna's Labyrinth" is part of this underground world, along with the Epigraph section in the Civic Museum.

If you love history, you can also visit the cathedral of San Secondiano, with its early Christian layout, containing manuscripts illustrated by artists like Sano di Pietro and Francesco di Giorgio Martini; if you are looking for a peaceful place to stay, your aim is the lake of Chiusi, a splendid mirror of water set a few kilometrs away. Enclosed by screens of canes and cultivated fields, this is the perfect place to practise leisure fishing and bird watching.