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Enter the heart of Tuscany

Rich and varied, Tuscany is one of the most beautiful regions in Europe, and invites visitors to discover and experience is in every way.

Tuscan Route

The Etruscan Tomb of the Infernal Quadriga

Open every day except MondaySarteano near Fonteverde is home to a breath-taking find from the age of the Etruscans: the Tomb of the Infernal Quadriga, dating from the IV century B.C. The underground tomb is decorated with frescoes showing vivid, thrilling scenes such as a racing quadriga or chariot, pulled by mythological beasts. Other paintings depict two men at a banquet and a fierce three-headed snake. The tomb, which lies just outside the village of Sarteano, can only be visited on Saturdays by appointment to protect it from over exposure. Sarteano’s Archaeological Museum is located in a historic palazzo in the village itself. It houses many fascinating artefacts from the Etruscan civilisation as well as an exact replica of the paintings inside the tomb.
Museo Archeologico Sarteano, Via Roma, 24, 53047 Siena
Opening times: 10.30am - 12.30pm and 4pm - 7pm

Visit of the historic town of Montepulciano

This world-famous historic town lends its name to Nobile di Montepulciano, one of the finest of all Tuscan wines. Montepulciano weaves historic palazzos and churches into its wonderful urban fabric. Be sure to see Piazza Grande, where there is a well decorated with griffins and lions by Antonio da Sangallo the Elder, and the Palazzo Comunale. The Piazza is also home to the Cathedral, known for its unusually austere undecorated façade. Piazza Grande is renowned as the movie location for parts of The Twilight Saga: New Moon.
In Tuscany, art and craftsmanship blend into one in an unending, enriching cultural exchange. What better way to experience it than by visiting a craft workshop dating back over a century? At Rameria Mazzetta in Montepulciano, Cesare and Iolanda Mazzetti carry forward the family tradition which began in the late 1800s. As well as copper artworks, they craft superb copper pans which are much sought-after by leading chefs and exacting cooks.

Wine tasting at the Avignonensi Winery

Why not treat yourself to a visit to the Cantina Avignonesi wine estate in Valiano, near Montepulciano, complete with its own 19th-century villa, chapel and historic cellars. It’s the perfect chance to see where the wine starts out its journey, to experience the terroir and the whole wine-making process from vine to bottle. As you’d expect, your visit to the cellars ends with a wine tasting session. You then move on to the Foresteria or guest lodgings to sample traditional Tuscan dishes and other delicacies prepared by
the estate’s chefs. What better way for you both to share the pleasures of the day: one can sample the wines, while the other merely savours the bouquet but will have the pleasure of driving a vintage sports car back home.
Guided tour with lunch and wine tasting. The guided tour starts in the vineyards then moves on to the barrel cellar and vinsanto liqueur cellar. Next comes a four-course lunch in the elegant panoramic guest lodgings, with a tasting of four top wines.

Driving & Spa

We’ve combined two extremely enjoyable activities into one exciting package that’s truly one of a kind. Driving our collection of vintage cars through the Tuscan countryside, and enjoy special wellness treatments offered at the hot springs of the Fonteverde spa. From San Casciano dei Bagni, we recommended a drive to Radicofani, Pienza and Cetona, three different itineraries that will send you out exploring the wonders of Val d’Orcia, and will bring you back to the relaxing setting of Fonteverde.


Discover a collection of the most exclusive international brand names just a few kilometres away from Fonteverde. The Outlet Mall features famous fashion labels such as Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Val di Chiana and several others, and is the perfect place to spend the day shopping and indulging in the best of Italian fashion and style.

Horseback Riding

Take an exciting horseback ride through the heart of the undisturbed nature of Val d’Orcia. You can take individual lessons at beginner, intermediate or advanced levels, or ride in style through one of the most beautiful indoor ranches close to Fonteverde. Ranch Il Poggio is located in the town of Celle sul Rigo, only 4 km from San Casciano dei Bagni. Ranch La Monaldesca is inside the Natural Park Reserve of Villalba approximately 12 km away, and the Equestrian Centre of the Ranch Madonna delle Grazie is approximately 15 km from Fonteverde, near Città della Pieve.

Bike tour

The Giro del Monte Cetona (Mount Cetona Circuit), the Gran vista verso la Val d’Orcia (Great View of the Orcia Vallley) and Le terre del Brunello (The Lands of Brunello) are some of the most exciting bicycle trails you can experience at Fontreverde, perfect for discovering the most authentic views of Tuscany. Enjoy a fascinating trip surrounded by lush nature, and to complete your experience, end your day with a long soak in the hot springs with some soothing spa treatments.