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Face treatments

Fruit acid face peel

Exclusive peel with a smoothing and regenerating effect thank to the combination of fruit acids and exclusive thermal products.

Duration: 50 minutes

Euro 120,00

Aesthetic microdermolift

Cleansing and regenerating treatment where an exclusive device is used to smooth the skin and remove superficial dead cells thus stimulating new collagen.

Duration: 80 minutes

Euro 152,00

Brightening treatment with clay

Cleansing treatment with thermal mud and plant extracts which immediatly makes the skin radiant.

Duration: 50 minutes

Euro 95,00

Anti-oxidant treatment with mature thermal mud mask and Vitamin C

Moisturizing and anti-oxidant treatment with pure stabilized vitamin C and thermal mud.

Duration: 80 minutes

Euro 145,00

Moisturizing treatment with thermal oligo-components

Moisturizing treatment with exclusive thermal oligo-components and vitamins, suitable for all skin types.

Duration: 50 minutes

Euro 95,00

Treatment around the eyes

Innovative anti-aging, draining and soothing treatment. Suitable for puffy eyes, tired eyes and signs of aging.

Duration: 25 minutes

Euro 71,00

Anti-ageing treatment (Spreme Dhea) News

Regenerating treatment based on diosgenin, the phytohormone precursor of DHEA which is able to reactivate youth mechanisms.

Duration: 50 minutes

Euro 135,00

ETERIA exclusive line



ETERIA anti-ageing smoothing body treatment

Exclusive anti-ageing treatment that, thanks amino acids, coenzyme Q10, collagen and elastin, provides the skin with elasticity and freshness.

Duration: 50 minutes

Euro 135,00



Regenerating facial ETERIA Radiance

A brightening and regenerating treatment thanks to the application of the exclusive "Revealing Mask". The synergic combination of mandelic acid and baciluss enzymes stimulates cell renewal and gives the skin a radiant, glowing appearance.

Duration: 50 minutes

Euro 105,00

ETERIA Divine Gold News

Toning, anti-ageing treatment for the face, neck and cleavage. the combination of hyaluronic acid, collagen, the exclusive 'gold thermae' mask and radiofrequency makes the skin firm and elastic.

Duration: 80 minutes

Euro 185,00

ETERIA Golden Spa exclusive News

An anti-ageing body and face ritual carried out using the exclusive products from the Divine Eteria line together with manual massage techniques and radiofrequency on the face.

Duration: 120 minutes

Euro 350,00