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Open air activities

Morning walk*

A great way to start the day in the wonderful countryside surrounding Fonteverde.
The walk is preceded and followed by a stretching session.

*For hotel guests only


Fitness classes


Encourages elasticity and flexibility in the whole of the body.

Euro 17,00


For balanced and correct posture and good muscle and joint balance.

Euro 17,00

Gymstick Pilates 

The Gymstick training instrument is applied to Pilates in order to strenghten muscles.

Euro 17,00

Suspension training 

Training which uses your body weight to develop strenght and flexibility.

Euro 17,00

Stretch & Tone 

Improves flexibility and suppleness, lengthens and tones muscles.

Euro 17,00

Nordic walking News

This is a 'natural hike' during which you use special sticks to push off the ground to involve as many muscles as possible and increase the amount of energy that is burnt, making this a beneficial exercise on a cardiocirculatory level.

Euro 26,00

Posture assessment and treatment of postural pains in Pancafit

This method has a comprehensive approach, that is, it assesses postural and joint pains and imbalances. It works throught manual treatment and throught the rebalancing of tension in fascial and connective muscle chains.

80 minutes                                                                                                                                                              Euro 150,00


 Postural pains in Pancafit

This method works through manual treatment and the rebalancing of tension in fascia and connective muscle chains.

50 minutes                                                                                                                                                                                            Euro 110,00 


Daily fitness programme
Fitness program for 3 days
Personal Trainer

 Euro 32,00
 Euro 62,00
Euro 91,00

Fitness in thermal pool  


Aqua gym

Aerobics that improves cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and muscle tone.

Euro 17,00

Aqua tonic

Water aerobics perfomed with hydromassages and small pieces of equipment. Results in deep muscle tone.

Euro 17,00

Gym tonic

A pleasant hydromassage that intensifies the toning action on the legs, buttocks and abs.

Euro 17,00


A special aerobics class carried out in thermal water and using small pieces of equipment.

Euro 17,00


A fun lesson that improves cardiovascular fitness.

Euro 17,00