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Bioaquam circuit ®

An exclusive treatment in an indoor pool with a passageway to the outdoor section and hidden hydromassages everywhere...
Chat leisurely whilst comfortably sitting or lying in front of one of the most beautiful panoramas nature can offer. This treatment joins together the most ancient and traditional aspects of spas, hot water and socializing, with the most modern and sophisticated hydromassage techniques.
The central hydromassages, known as geysers, activate circulation and give an energetic massage to the legs and the perineal area, where, according to Oriental discipline, many energies concentrate.
The hydromassages on the outdoor "beds" massage the whole body giving a sense of total relaxation.
The horizontal hydromassages come from the sides and the edges of the pool. The force of the waters on the lower part of the body exercise an important massage on the circulatory system - venous lymphatic and arterial - and a delicate peeling effect on the skin.
And enjoy even more hydromassages whilst sitting in the comfortable underwater marble "armchairs".

50 Minutes

Euro 40,00

* Day guests can only purchase this treatment if they have paid to use the thermal pool.