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The Restaurant

Mediterranean style with the new executive chef
Salvatore Quarto

A wind of change has swept into the kitchens of the San Casciano dei Bagni resort: the food at Fonteverde Natural Spa Resort is now the responsibility of Salvatore Quarto. From Bari, and born in 1967, he can boast considerable experience as an executive chef in some of the best restaurants in Italy, including Villa Il Patriarca in Siena (awarded 1 Michelin star).

Salvatore Quarto loves to define himself as the “Mediterranean chef”.
“My Pugliese origins”, he states, “led me to grow up with this idea fixed in my mind. The Mediterranean signifies a universe of simple and genuine ingredients, where techniques such as cooking in a bamboo steamer remain as natural as possible in order to leave the taste and colour intrinsic to all top-quality ingredients unaltered. Like tomatoes, for example, which as I child I picked from the plant and ate straight away, without any kind of dressing” -.

Therefore, quality, taste and simplicity will be the order of the day, combining the pleasure of eating with well-being, and offering the guests of Fonteverde authentic mouth-watering cuisine featuring the flavours of Italian culinary tradition. There will be no shortage of home-grown vegetables from the Fonteverde garden on the hotel’s dining tables, creating a culture of light and healthy eating which is completely in line with the philosophy of the spa.

The new menu at the “Ferdinando I” restaurant features outstanding dishes such as Kamut Cous Cous with marinated red shrimps, turbot and salmon, without forgetting Tuscan tradition and the presence of certified Chianina beef. Furthermore, the dessert menu is simply wonderful. Salvatore Quarto has created dietary pastries, using alternative unrefined sugars. They include the gateau al mascarpone (a cake made with Mascarpone cream cheese) and pastries made only with almonds, an absolute must that Salvatore’s mother regularly made for her children.