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Mediterranean spa

Olive oil as the element of life.

Generally known as a delight for the palate and inexhaustible source of good health for its renowned therapeutic properties, Fonteverde has now rediscovered it as an essential ally of natural beauty.

The Egyptians used olive oil as an anti-wrinkle treatment. The Phoenicians called it "liquid gold", Greek athletes used it for relaxing muscles whilst the Romans could not do without it, after spending a period at the spa, to discover new energy.

Rich in precious substances, extra virgin olive oil is both soothing and protective for the skin and, thanks to its particular fatty acids, K, A, E, and D vitamins, gives excellent results as an anti-oxidant and helps to fight free radicals.

The virtues of thermal mud combined with those of the thermal waters help the skin to absorb it. For this reason Fonteverde has created a series of  face and body treatments dedicated to the skin in the new Mediterranean Line,. To cleanse, hydrate and nourish, before tackling  with exclusively natural products.

Not to be missed are the Bio-energetic cleanse and the Energy rebalancing with Bach flowers.