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Montalcino was already famous for its red wines in 1400s: the young Rosso of Montalcino D.O.C., the Moscatello D.O.C. and the Sant' Antimo D.O.C.. But among the productions of the wines, in the last twenty-year period an honour place is business to the famous Brunello: before it can be put up for sale it must age for a minimum of five years (six years for Reserve quality), two of which must take place in oak casks.

Of big value also the production of the Extravergine oil of olive and above all of honey. The stock farm of the bees in fact recently come in as part of the economic activities of the place, as much than the "week of the honey" of Montalcino has become a moment of meeting and exchange noticing for the whole national and international view.