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35 kilometres far from Fonteverde, Montepulciano is known as the "pearl of the 16th century". The heart of the town, “Piazza Grande”, is surrounded by Rinascimental architectures, managing to preserve the historical atmosphere.

The town itself boasts glimpses of breath-taking views, and every corner tells of the men and women who lived and worked in Montepulciano: you will really feel the history flowing through the streets of the city. Many artists built luxurious residences and erected splendid edifices, such as the Comunal Palace or the Cathedral, the least containing a massive Tryptich by Taddeo di Bortolo. If you think this is not enough, know that Montepulciano is a major wine and food producer: it's wine cellars are renowned, and fill much of the area beneath the town. Wine connoisseurs consider Montepulciano's “Vino Nobile”,produced with Sangiovese grapes, among Italy's best wines.