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The Piazza IV Novembre together with the steep alleys which lead to the walls of the original Etruscan nucleus, reachable through the ancient gates Porta Marzia, Porta Sole, Porta Cornea, Porta Trasimena, Porta della Mandorla and the Arco Etrusco represent the historical centre of Perugia.
The piazza is considered one of the most beautiful squares in Italy.In the centre stands the FONTANA MAGGIORE: a medieval fountain of the 12th century covered by splendid slabs of marbles with biblical and mythological sculptures and personifications of months, sciences, virtues, and places.
Decorations were made by Nicola and Giovanni Pisano. The monument, one of the best examples of Gothic in Italy, is very important also from the symbolic-politic point of view: it represented the city at the top of its power, combining civil and religious aspects, and sacred and profane themes.

The PALAZZO DEI PRIORI, in the Middle Ages residence of the principal political authorities of the town. The palace, built of travertin and red and white stone from Bettona. On the side facing the fountain a large stairway and a portal which gives access to the SALA DEI NOTARI, rectangular, with a vault sustained by great romanesque arches and walls covered with frescoes. At the ground floor level, the SALA DEL COLLEGIO DEL CAMBIO and the SALA DEL COLLEGIO DELLA MERCANZIA. In this room you can admire the most important work by Perugino in Perugia, one of the most significant examples of Renaissance paintings in Italy.In the Palazzo dei Priori you also find the NATIONAL GALLERY OF UMBRIA the most important collection of Medieval and the Modern art in Umbria .

The CATHEDRAL OF SAN LORENZO:On the left side, facing the square, a bronze statue of Julius III, the portal by Ippolito Scalza, and large Gothic windows. Under the portico there are a section of the Roman walls, the base of the old bell-tower and a copy of the Pietra della Giustizia (Stone of Justice), a document of the Commune dating back to 1200. The interior, divided into three naves, contains distinguished works of art, among which the Cappella del Santo Anello, where, according to an old tradition, the ring of the Virgin is preserved, the Cappella di San Bernardino, the choir stalls by Giuliano da Maiano and Domenico del Tasso.

Centro Servizi Museali of the Rocca Paolina
In the Centro Servizi Museali della Rocca Paolina you find very useful information: directions and opening hours of all the most important monuments as Palazzo della Penna, the Etruscan Well, the San Severo Chapel (with a fresco of "the Trinity"), and Cassero di Porta S. Angelo ( Museo delle Mura - the urban development of Perugia).
Information: Tel. 39 0755 728440