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"Feeling good about yourself helps you
maintain just the right psycho-physical balance" 

Eteria cosmetic treatments are the result of the cooperation with the medical and aesthetic team of Bagni di Pisa Resort & Medical Spa, together with Fonteverde and Grotta Giusti, STB Group sister properties. 
Eteria face and body creams lie at the heart of famous Bagni di Pisa treatments. this is why they are created with such a rigorous, pragmatic approach, which guarantees unique, visible results, thanks to the use of all those active principles currently acknowledged as truly effective.
This unique philosophy and formula, which makes no concessions to the dictates of fashion, explains why the Fonteverde Spas is proud to use Eteria creams in the beauty treatments it offers each year. 
Today these products are also finally available to the general public.  

Restorative Cleanser    € 45,00
Antiage Oxy Serum    30 ml€ 85,00
Hydra Source Age Prevention  50 ml€ 115,00
Age Prevention Acid Cream      50 ml€ 105,00
Revealing Mask  50 ml€ 95,00
Neck and Decoltté Serum  30 ml€ 75,00
Firming Mask    50 ml€ 85,00

Cleasing milk

€ 39,00

Beauty lotion

€ 39,00

Bi-phase makeup remover

€ 39,00

Night restore

€ 70,00

Anti-age hand cream

€ 34,00

Hydra balance Mask  

€ 60,00

Restorative mud Mask

€ 38,00

Skin Reveal    30 ml€ 230,00
Global Response 50 ml€ 255,00

All Night Mask      50  ml

€ 160,00

Eye and Lip Serum  30 ml

€ 110,00


Body Treatment

Hidra tone

€ 55,00

Body-cell active

€ 70,00

Complex Age Body

€ 75,00



Face Sun Protection

€ 28,00

Body Sun Protection

€ 25,00


Thermal Body Masque - Toning and drainig treatment  
(Kit 3 pieces with glove FREE)

€ 59,00

Thermal Body Masque - Anti-cellulite treatment
(Kit 3 pieces with glove FREE)

€ 59,00