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Salt therapy

Come to Fonteverde to discover the benefits of one of the most popular trend in the Spas all over the world according to Spafinder.

Alma Maris
50' Euro 132,00
80' Euro 162,00

A fluid and rhythmic massage, just like the waves of the sea, carried out with warm bundles which contain salt crystals, marine algae and Mediterranean herbs and which have been dipped in precious substances, like St John's Wort ointment, calendula, chamomile and lavender. Stimulates detoxification and induces deep relaxation. A delight for the body and soul..

Mediterranean mud bath
50' Euro 121,00
80' Euro 152,00

This treatment is carried out in a gentle steam bath and brings back age-old memories. It involves a soothing and regenerating massage with mastic oil followed by the application of thermal mud which is first massaged and then simply laid on, and which is enriched with magnesium salt that is extracted from seas around the Italian coast. A peaceful ritual which engulfs the entire body head to toe, giving sensations of softness, space and interior cleanliness. This is not merely a beauty treatment.