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Spa treatments

Mud treatment

The mature thermal mud is made by mixing natural clays with the spring thermal water, and matures for at least six months. The mixture is heated to 47°C and then fed directly to the treatment cabins. Application of the mud induces perspiration with a detoxifying effect, reduces inflammations, and favours oxygenation of the tissues. The treatment also has a decontracting and analgesic effect.

Thermal mud with shower 30 min

Euro 40,00

Thermal mud with therapeutic bath 40 min

Euro 50,00

Inhalation therapies

 Thermal mineral - water treatment beverage (at hotel's guests disposal)

 Imbibing the natural thermal waters of the Santa Lucia spring in the form of a beverage is an important part of the spa treatment. It is recommended to help the gastroenteric system work correctly and as preparation for or complement to other treatments.


Thermal aerosol or inhalation
Recommended for chronic inflammations of the respiratory system and of the upper airways. Helps decongest mucus and carries out a positive sedative action.

Duration: 10'

Euro 10,00

Spa water micronized nasal wash
Mobilizes dense mucus in the nasal cavities. Recommended for chronic otitis, chronic rhinitis and sinusitis.

Duration: 10'

Euro 10,00

Inhalation of dry thermal vapours.
Recommended for rhinitis and sinusitis with excess secretion.

Duration: 10'

Euro 10,00