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Fonteverde Tuscan Resort & Spa

The multidisciplinary team of the Equilibrium project is coordinated by Doctor Nicola Angelo Fortunati, the General Spa Director of the Fonteverde Collection – STB group.

The staff of the thermae centre and spa is made up of medical tutors, dieticians and therapy experts, and Doctor Fortunati is also part of the medical-scientific team.

The Somatic pathway


Originally from Germany, Daniela has been a researcher in the field of holistic therapies for over 25 years.
She is a qualified bodyworker, functional movement trainer and spa concept designer.
She has been at Fonteverde since 2004 and, as a consultant, she contributed to the formation of the ‘Ancient Mediterranean’ concept and the realisation of the anti-stress Equilibrium programme.
Daniela is also a qualified massage physiotherapist and obtained Rolfer© certification from the European Rolfing Association (ERA).
She learnt craniosacral therapy at the Upledger Institute and visceral manipulation at ERA.
She has completed 3 years of Shiatsu training and 2 years of Shintai© training at the International Shiatsu School (ISS) in Switzerland, and Traditional Thai Massage training at the Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai.
Daniela is also a sound therapist and an instructor of Tao Yin Fa, a form of Chi Kung, and trained at the Tamado Academy in Boulder, the USA.
Furthermore, she is a certified Nordic Walking instructor (ANWI) and Gyrotonic Expansion System© instructor, she received ideomotor and Beamish Bodymind Balancing© training at the Keiron Studies Centre and she is a member of the board of the Italian Rolfing Association.


Davide has been a fan of practising and studying Japanese martial arts since he was a child and, today, he is a federal instructor of them and has also widened his interests to Shiatsu, physiotherapy and craniosacral and rehabilitation techniques in sea water.

He has collaborated as a teacher with the research centre of thalassotherapy at the University of Milan and was invited to teach thalassotherapy at the Four Seasons Hotel in Cyprus.

Furthermore, he has collaborated as a therapist at many renowned European structures, such as Schloss Elmau in Bavaria and the Termae del Parco at the Forte Village resort in Sardinia.

He has worked at Fonteverde since 2004 as a therapist and researcher of problems caused by stress.

The Ayurvedic Pathway – Dipu



The Indian master Kuldeepak Kathait, also known as Dipu, is one of the five best therapists in the world according to Tatler, the prestigious, trend-setting British magazine.

Dipu is an expert in Ayurveda, acupressure, Shiatsu and massage physiotherapy. His technique, which is very personal, is the result of many years of studying and practising in India, China, Japan and Italy. He is currently in the charge of oriental therapies at Fonteverde.

Dipu’s massages can free the emotional plexus, remove stress and transport the mind. His touch provides benefits for everyone: five days old is the age of his youngest patient and 93 years old is age of the his oldest patient.