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Anti Cellulite programme - Vartam Spa

The new Fonteverde thermal programme against cellulite

Detoxing the body to fight against cellulite. This is the latest strategy adopted by Fonteverde to fight cellulite, which should be treated as a health problem. Now we are aware that cellulite is caused by several factors, in particular, by those that reduce cell oxygenation and energetic activity and are related to inflammatory or degenerative conditions. Among them are toxin stasis, excess sugar consumption, hormones and food preservatives, free radicals and oxidative stress, and increase of tissue acidity.

The Vartam program (Vascular And Respiratory Tissular and Mithocondrial Activity) stimulates and increases cellular respiration by exploiting the beneficial properties of thermal water. Thermal water is the ideal solution for detoxification and purification of tissues, which get rid of waste and toxins and are ready to take in and use bright energy and oxygen.

The name "VARTAM SPA" refers to thermal water’s important contribution to the treatment, owing to its precious minerals (sulfate, calcium, fluorine and magnesium) that get your body back in shape and tissues ready for the following phase.

Thus, nutrition is a fundamental element and the programme includes a special diet aimed at increasing alkaline in the body—heavy on fruits and vegetables, light on meat, dairy and sugar.

Fonteverde Collection scientific committee has developed a one-week cellulite treatment according to the type of cellulite:

  • EDEMATOUS CELLULITE: This grade of cellulite is noticeable even when the skin is not pinched and causes spontaneous tissue pain at times.
  • ADIPOEDEMATOUS CELLULITE: In the areas where cellulite is deposited, the skin is soft and has an orange peel, dimpled look when pinched.
  • FIBROUS CELLULITE: The skin has an increasingly uneven texture and loses its tone.

The second option is a three-day treatment that focuses on the purification and detoxing phase.